As a basis for the improvement of services to its clients, P.T. Gemini Astrikarya is seeking to enhance the capability of its human resources with development activities by organizing seminars, education and training, in-house training and other activities which may enhance the capability of P.T. Gemini Astrikarya's human resources in their totality.

Activities of intellectuality enhancement of P.T. Gemini Astrikarya's human resources are carried out in association with local and foreign consultants and educational institutions, and active participation of companies in East Kalimantan region in transfer of know-how has also brought forth positive results to P.T. Gemini Astrikarya's human resources as supporting facilities for the improvement of human resources. P.T. Gemini Astrikarya has also been complemented by a training center managed by the Human Resource Management Board of Gemini Group.


Since the beginning of its presence in East Kalimantan, P.T. Gemini Astrikarya's capability to provide the best services to its clients has been recognized, because since its establishment this organization has been oriented to customers’ satisfaction.

This is seen from P.T. Gemini Astrikarya's achievements in the form of award of appreciation for successful completion of large projects form several private and state-owned companies, such as:

  • PT. Kaltim Prima Coal
  • PT. Trakindo Utama, and
  • PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia

With the above achievements, P.T. Gemini Astrikarya is doing its best to keep up its capability to provide prime services, while the areas of operations of P.T. Gemini Astrikarya have now reached all regions in Indonesia with projects spread throughout Indonesia.