Slim of big structures made of steel will give construction elegant and dramatic at world architect Landscape. Bridge unfolded beautiful and long, slim and high skyscraper, open public meeting room, and stream air, and many again other construction work is some of so much structure of esthetics made of steel.

Forms of steel which is available generally is in the form of Steel Plates, Assented Shafting Bars, Square Bars, Mild Steel Equal Angles, Lip Channels, Wide Flange Beams Standard, Wide Flange Beams with Wing, Hollow Square Pipe and Hollow domed Pipe.

From all the form have each usefulness and function, and usually interact one with is other, for that PT. Gemini Astrikarya as service of construction company, trying for can design and compile the steels form so that become a building frame according to request of owners, and after is combined with other construction materials hence will be formed a sturdy building, luxury, beautiful which its strength can be justified.